Proofreading Services and Rates

Christine’s mission is helping writers and businesses clearly share their messages and successfully reach more clients. For those whose image relies on the clarity of their written content, Christine provides that careful final set of eyes as a proofreader who catches embarrassing grammatical mistakes and enhances a project’s credibility. Proofreading everything from technical engineering design reports and environmental compliance documents, to research essays, resumes, advertising content, press releases, and blog posts, Christine truly values the importance of good communication and looks forward to helping make your written works shine! Contact Christine at to request a proofreading quote specific to your unique message!

Standard Fees
Proofreading: $0.035 per word
Editing: $0.040 per word

Express Fees (delivery in 48 hours or less)
Proofreading: $0.045 per word
Editing: $0.050 per word

A 25% deposit is required for projects that are quoted $500 and higher. The balance is due upon delivery of the final product to you.


Proofreading provides the final corrections that allow the writer to add that polished finishing touch to written content before it gets published. A proofreader should typically be someone other than an editor or the main author - someone less connected to the content itself who can review the material with a clean, clear view. A proofreader carefully reviews texts to find errors in formatting, spelling, word usage, grammar, and punctuation and then marks them for correction. Christine strictly complies with your in-house style guidelines and other preferred style guidelines such as "The Chicago Manual of Style" (CMOS), "The Modern Language Association Handbook" (MLA), and "The Associated Press Stylebook" (AP).

Christine Lowe, Proofreader


Not sure whether your project requires editing or proofreading services? Editing or copyediting consists of thoroughly reading a text and rewriting sentences, improving sentence flow, fact-checking, suggesting modifications to how ideas are presented for consistency and message, and offering feedback on improving the overall quality of the text. Editors are often responsible for ensuring that their edits and a proofreader’s corrections are incorporated into the writer's final written product.

Delivery Format

Christine provides clearly understood annotations in Word, Google Docs, and PDF formats (iAnnotate or Adobe). Projects are typically shared using email or file-sharing systems such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

"I was happy to work with Christine on this. I needed an extra set of expert eyes, and she definitely came to my rescue. Would hire again."

Nicholas Girod - NineSixNine Creative

"You're such a rule-follower!"

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