Audio Description

Audio Description Writing and Narration

Audio Description is commonly known as narration that is added to visual media, such as movies and broadcast television, that describes the important visual components, making the media more accessible to blind and low-vision consumers. It's often compared to Closed Captioning and can typically be found under the same "Accessibility" menus in streaming media apps.

However, Audio Description is so much more than this...

Audio Description, also known as AD, is a way to help create equality and inclusion for the blind and low-vision community. It adds an artistic enhancement that creatively allows a wider audience to enjoy and experience visual media. When done well, AD includes blind and low-vision talent and patrons throughout the production process, from writing, to quality control, to narration, to mixing, and more, to ensure the highest-quality products and experiences possible.

Sometimes, AD is required to adhere to specific rules and fit within tight time constraints, such as for when it's being added to pre-recorded media like movies. Other forms of media, like artwork, live theatre performances, images, and children's picture books, provide the opportunity for broader artistic expression and longer, more vivid descriptions. There is no one correct way to include AD. It's a creative art that continues to grow and improve with time and as AD is added to more and more media.

As a sighted AD writer and narrator, Christine strives to create high-quality, accurate, engaging AD and welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with AD talent and patrons to enhance and improve all of her AD projects.

Christine has had the honor of writing AD for several Netflix movies, numerous children's educational series, and various still artistic media. For a detailed listing of her audio description work, download her PDF resume below.

Commitment to Equitable Representation

Christine finds her varied career interests revolve around the power of knowledge and equal access to information and opportunities, and she believes that equipping people with the right resources can help create more informed and inclusive communities. Christine has signed The Pledge for Culturally Competent & Inclusive Audio Description and commits to applying its call for equitable representation to all aspects of her work.

Interested in Adding AD to Your Media?

Christine would be happy to speak with you about your project.

Interested in Adding AD to Your Media?

Christine would be happy to speak with you about your project.

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